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Dona Berta
Rua dos Actores
n.º 6 - 3º A
2685 - 182 Portela LRS

Telephone: (+351) 214 027 397

GPS: 41.049453,-7.19965

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Dona Berta

Following an old family tradition Hernâni Verdelho was able to fulfil his lifelong dream in the vineyards planted by his father and his grandfather and in the wine cellars of his great-uncle, where he used to take part in the wine-making. 

This experience resulted in the development of a wine-growing estate of approximately 10 hectares which has excellent characteristics for the prodution of wine and a very specific and unique "terroir" where about half of the vines are one and half centurys old. Dona Berta Wines come from the oldest varieties and from carefully chosen genuine portuguese grapes namely Rabigato, Verdelho, Touriga, Cornifesto and Casculho. At present Hernâni is dedicated to the production of top quality wines which compete with the best wines in the international market.
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