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Porto Nightlife

Porto has a vibrant and exciting nightlife with something to suit all tastes. During your stay at The Yeatman, discover some of the best nightlife in Porto.

Bonaparte Pub

Bonaparte is an Irish-style pub that opened 30 years ago on the seafront in Foz, one of the more upmarket areas in Porto, and is frequented by a mixture of locals, expats and tourists.

The interior is cosy with the walls and ceilings adorned with thousands of antiques. Bonaparte was recently named ‘Best Pub in Porto’ by the Brazilian magazine ‘Veja’.

A good place to go for a drink or a light snack, watch a game of football with friends, or try one of the many cocktails on the menu.

Bonaparte Pub
Avenida Brasil 130, Foz do Douro, Porto
Tel: +351 226 188 404
Open daily from 17:00 – 02:00

Bubbles Food & Bar

Bubbles recently opened in the centre of the old town and is one of Porto’s latest nightspots.

It’s a champagne bar with a modern, cosmopolitan feel, ranging from its interior design to some of the more unusual labels it has to offer.

The décor is visibly inspired by the champagne theme and has been divided into three main areas: the bar area with DJ and a winter garden; a themed bar named after a champagne producer, Armand de Brignac, and a contemporary lounge restaurant on the 1st floor.

It attracts a mixture of customers that are both Portuguese and international and offers an extensive list of sparkling wine and champagne cocktails in a refined, contemporary atmosphere.

Bubbles Food & Bar
Rua Conde de Vizela 149, Porto
T.: +351 222 086 780
Mondays to Thursdays 12:00–02:00,
Fridays and Saturdays (and the night before a bank holiday) 12:00-04:00

Casa da Música Bar

Crédito: João Messias - Casa da Música
Porto’s famous music house, Casa da Música, is well worth a visit during the day or night. The massive, assymetric, limestone cube, designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaus in 2000, has a continuous repertoire of music concerts and cultural events.

After a concert, you can dine in the restaurant on the top floor which on a Saturday, transforms into a bar with music.

High ceilings and metallic panels prevail with a long bar area and industrial design. On a hot night, take your drink onto the outdoor terrace and you will find an amazing view of the city.

Some of Portugal’s leading DJ’s as well as top international ones are invited to play on these nights. An alternative night out where you’ll find plenty of atmosphere and a good list of cocktails on offer.

Casa da Música Bar
Avenida da Boavista 604/610, Porto
T.: +351 220 120 200
Saturdays from 23:00-04:00

Champanheria da Baixa - The Champagne Bar in the centre of town

Porto’s first Champagne Bar has a relaxed atmosphere and is a place where you can find a range of sparkling wine and champagne by the glass.

It’s a cross between casual and sophisticated with a large terrace area outside and a cosy bar area inside. Weather permitting, most people opt for the outdoor terrace, set in a beautiful old square.

Try one of the champagne cocktails, one of the excellent sangrias or a glass of fabulous Portuguese sparkling wine. If you prefer, they also serve red and white wine all of which can be accompanied by typical Portuguese tapas.

Champanheria da Baixa
Largo Mompilher 1/2, Porto
T.: +351 220 962 809
Monday-Thursday 12:00 - 00:30
Fridays and Saturdays 12:00-2:30


Candelabro is a bar, café and bookstore all in one with a retro atmosphere. It’s cosy with dim lighting and the interior pays tribute to the original character of the former bookstore that used to occupy this space.

The window is decorated with books and old magazines and another focal point is the black and white mosaic floor with its retro tables and chairs. Old books from the world of cinema, photography, theatre and the arts are mixed with modern touches such as the lighting and Illuminated shelves with coloured bottles.

Good for coffee, breakfast or tea. Don’t miss the chocolate cake.

Rua da Conceição, 3, Porto
T.: +351 966 984 250
Mondays to Saturdays: 13:00-02:00

Era uma vez em Paris... Once Upon a Time in Paris…

Once Upon a Time in Paris is situated in the famous street Galerias de Paris, one of the busiest and definitely the most well-known streets in Porto’s nightlife. This bar will take you back to the bohemian scene in Paris in the 1920’s, with its cosy atmosphere, red walls, velvet lamps and soft lighting.

The bar is open all day, offering sandwiches and salad menu at lunchtime. After dark, the music becomes more upbeat and is a great spot for dinner or a drink.

Era Uma Vez Em Paris
Rua Galerias de Paris, 106, Porto
T.: +351 222 083 756
Mondays to Thursdays 11:00-19:30 and 21:30-02:00
Fridays and Saturdays 11:00-19:30 and 21:30-04:00

Eskada Porto

Eskada is a sophisticated and contemporary nightclub with plenty of international style. It has several different spaces, each offering its own unique experience.

The design is refined and modern with white counters, mirrors and transparency and sophisticated black and white portraits. The overall space is divided up into several areas including: The Store, where you can pick up some great Portuguese designer pieces; The Room, an exclusive area above the indoor lake that takes you to the terrace area; The Beat, the dance floor with its reserved seating area, and then the outdoor patio lounge area where you can find several places to sit and lounge around.

Eskada Porto
Rua da Alegria, 611, Porto
T.: +351 915 932 806
Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, after midnight

Gin Club

The Gin Club opened in the trendy bar area of Galerias de Paris in October 2012 and is a popular place to spend an evening if you’re a gin lover.

The bar has a sophisticated shop front with an attractive display of gin bottles in the window. Inside, the atmosphere is modern with grey and black walls and chrome and mirrored details, contrasted by the illuminated, multi-coloured gin bottles that adorn the glass shelves behind the counter.

This bar has three different areas, one with a dance floor, where you can dance to music from the 80’s and 90’s, another which is the bar area and a terrace with tables and chairs outside. The gins vary from aromatic, chilled, sweet and fruit-based gins to the more classic dry labels – in total a choice of 160 labels. There’s also a good selection of tonics to mix with your favourite label.

Busy most nights, but especially after 11pm.

The Gin Club
Rua Cândido dos Reis, 70, Porto
T.: +351 962 448 739
Tuesday to Thursdays: 18:00-2:00
Fridays and Saturdays open till 4:00

Hot Five

Hot Five is a well-known musical night spot in Porto which opened in 2006. It’s located in the historic centre, next to the famous Guindais stairs, and it provides an extensive programme of live jazz and blues concerts, with the occasional acoustic, folk and jamming session, from Wednesdays to Sundays.

The setting is cosy with small round tables in front of the stage and on the upper balcony and a bar downstairs. The art is allusive to the world of jazz with black and white photographs of famous artists and other paintings.

There is a varied menu of appetisers and drinks and the club provides an inspiring environment for live music.

Hot Five
Largo Actor Dias, 51, Porto
T.: +351 934 328 583
Wednesdays to Sundays 22:00-3:00

Plano B

Plano B opened in 2006 and is one of Porto’s more alternative bars. Apart from functioning as a bar, it has a regular programme of concerts by well-known national and international artists. The atmosphere as a result is relaxed and culturally diverse.

The bar is well known for its boho-chic style from the red curtains, mirrors, armchairs and lamps, to the innumerous retro art pieces that can be found here. It’s divided into 2 floors, with several spacious areas.

Plano B is split between its cultural and commercial side which includes a shop, bar and café, yet it holds regular concerts and clubbing nights from jazz to rock, showcasing electronic and experimental music.

This is a bar for arty people, providing the ideal place for any visitor who wants to experience an alternative atmosphere. Come here for a drink or to view one of the exhibitions.

Plano B
Rua Cândido dos Reis, 30, Porto
T.: +351 222012500
Tuesdays and Wednesdays: 22:00-2:00
Thursdays: 22:00 - 4:00
Fridays and Saturdays: 22:00 - 6:00

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